Friday, 29 July 2016


Vocabulary for introducing my self

When you meet Indonesian People you will say greeting and then start to introduce yourself. You will tell your name, your place, and where will you go. here is some vocabulary. Nama is name, namamu is your name, Saya is I and Anda is You. 

Introduce my self in formal situation is very important in Indonesia. We should introduce self when we are speaking to new friend in Indonesia. We can get more Indonesian friends if we can introduce myself. Let us practice.

Let practice listening

please listen the audio bellow and try to follow. Change into your name,your place and your birthday, ect. After you able to introduce yourself you can start to meet a new Indonesian Friend.

Teks Perkenalan

Selamat pagi, nama saya Ria Nindya, Nama panggilan saya Ria, Saya orang Indonesia, Saya berasal dari Surabaya. Terima kasih

From teks above please answer question bellow


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