Reading 1

This Lesson about learn how to read word, sentence and text.
In this Lesson we will learn how to read the text, paragraph or dialog correctly.

Pra lesson:
This unit consist of vocabulary and some instruction to read Indonesian language
How to read Indonesian language

Lesson 1 Teks  Berita
In this lesson the learner will read the news and learn about grammar using word bisakah, bolehkah, dapatkah Click here
Practice Read words
Grammar: Bisakah, dapatkah, bolehkah

Lesson 2 Formulir
Vocabulary Click here
Text Book
Group Activity : Presenting about form
Practice Read Word
Grammar about : Silakan and Tolong 

Lesson 3 Maskapai Penerbangan
Text Book
Click here
Grammar : Kalimat Eklamasi

Lesson 4 Pesawat dan Kapal  Laut
Text book
Click here
Grammar : Sesudah dan Sebelum

Lesson 5 Iklan
Click here
Practice: Iklan
Grammar : Mohon dan harap

Mid term Exam
You will get exam according to the schedule

Lesson 6 Bus
Text Book
Click here
Group presentation
Grammar : Kalimat Pasif 
Quis 6

Lesson 7 Rambu-rambu Lalulintas
Text Book Click here
Grup Presentasi
Grammar : Mudah-Mudahan

Lesson 8 Koran dan Majalah
Group Presentation Click here
Grammar: Saya kira

Lesson 9 Puisi
Textbook Click here
Grup Lagu
Grammar: Sebaiknya

Lesson 10 Menu Makanan
Text Book
Group activity
Grammar : Sekali 

Vocabulary in this lesson
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