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Pujo, Faculty of Humanity, Naresuan University'Tambon Tahpoo, Ampheu Mueang, Phitsanulok, Thailand, 65000.

I did program Indonesian Native Speaker

The activities carried out by the students with native speakers of the language are performed in the language learning activities for a couple of times. The conversation about Self Introduce, Visit Indonesian Corner, In The Hotel.

The results obtained were the students able to properly master a conversation with a native speaker, able to properly demonstrate confidence in deliver questions and answers in the conversation, and manners prevailing during the activity.

Native speaker is a person who has spoken the language in question from earliest childhood. Indonesian Native speaker is person who has spoken Indonesian from earliest chilhood.

Chiang Rai

Chiang rai, Thailand there is 14 native Indonesian Speaker: 13 students who studied in Mae Fah Luang University and 1 Lecturer.
Muhamad Khalid Wardana 
Nilam F Wulandari
Amelia Safitri
Ruri Rui Fachri
Ardy Bryan Lizuardi
Ardiyansah Mallega
Stella Denissa
Sarida Wardani
Rufnia Ayu Affifah
Desi Sakawulan
Olga Ance Salim
Jenny An
EvaSyariefah Rahman

Native Indonesian activity held every monday and friday 16.00-18.00 p.m. in Indonesia Corner, Library 3rd Floor. Every visitor accepted to joint together with Native Indonesian speaker to discuss about Indonesian language and culture. so wellcome


Now in Phitsanulok there is many Indonesian Native Speaker. There are students of Master Degree in Naresuan University.

Ignatius Tri Endarto
Andi Citra Pratiwi
Asep Setiadi
Masyita Wahid
Andre Iman Safrony
Rahmat Satrio Wibowo, Mohamad Padri, Kiki Juli Anggoro, Ananda Nuryadi Pratama, Hasriadi Al Farabi, Muhamad Doddy Pratama, Norma Pawestri, Yunda Fachrunniza, Muhammad Takwin Machmud,Candrasyah Muhammad, Sadar G. munthe

Conversation activity with native Indonesian

Suggestion How to improve language skill in daily life

Memperkenalkan diri dan memberi gambaran tentang budaya Indonesia


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