The diference sound vowel Indonesia vs English

Indonesian Language have five vowels : a, i, u, e, o. Especially vowels e has some variation. English have five written vowel : a, i, u, e, o. What is the difference? let see the word below.

1.A pronounced like father (ID) and car (EN)
2.I pronounced like teeth (ID) and need (EN)
3.U pronounced like moon (ID) and put (EN)
4.E pronounced like ear (ID) and cat (EN)
5.O pronounced like boy (ID) and no (EN)

Vowels A and O almost similar. Vowels I, U, O sound diference.


Practice this sound reapeatly.

I-Itu (i.....tu)
U-Uang (U....ang)
E-Enak  (E.....nak)

Some times when read Indonesian vowels make a mistaken because get influence from English. we can avoid by practice how to make vowel sound in Indonesian language. for more practice you can learn from listening sound here.


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