Pre Lesson Reading

Selamat pagi murid murid, selamat datang di pelajaran membaca 1
this lesson will describe about reading Indonesian words, sentence and dialogue.
Reading word or  mengeja  is base on the alphabet and notice about basic word and prefix and suffix. for example: membaca consist of the basic word baca and prefiks mem-. Reading sentences will use intonation and stop in the last. read dialogue also use intonation and expression.
The purpose of this lesson the learner understood how to read word, sentence and dialogue accurately.

How to read word
read word base on the basic word should understand and master in sound of alphabet.
for example: saya consist of sound of alphabet s-a-y-a and there is two sound sa-ya as suku kata. what is suku kata you can read more here
Now you will practice how to spell/mengeja the word bellow

belajar : b-e-l-a-j-a-r: suku kata + be-la-jar
mendengar : m-e-n-d-e-n-g-a-r: suku kata = men-de-ngar
lihat: l-i-h-a-t : me-li-hat
jakarta:J-a-k-a-r-t-a: Ja-kar-ta
Indonesia: I-n-d-o-n-e-s-i-a: suku kata : In-do-ne-sia

How to read sentence
Indonesian sentence consist of two more words.  after understand how to read word it will be next step to read more word in the sentence. First word ussually is subject and second word is predicate and the last word is object. for example

Saya makan nasi goreng.

S        P         O

2        3        1

The Intonation  note by number: number 1 is low intonation, 2 is midle intonation and number 3 is high intonation. The intonation very important to deliver meaning. learner should notice this intonation when read the sentence. for example

Yanti sedang duduk di bawah pohon cemara
2                     3                               1

Tangkas belajar di perpustakaan
2                     3             1

Ikbal menonton film
2          3            1

There is also stop when read the sentence or in Indonesian language  jeda.  Stop sound use to deliver the meaning of sentence. for example

Mutia bermain badminton di lapangan
Mutia//bermain badminton//di lapangan
Mutia bermain//badminton//di//lapangan
Mutia bermain badminton//di lapangan.

How to read dialogue
read the dialogue should use articulation and intonation  corectly. Articulation is spelling correctly or produce sound correctly and intonation is high and low sound , fast and slow tempo. for example in this dialogue

Budi: "Selamat pagi Tenun apa kabar?"
Tenun: "Selamat pagi Budi kabar baik"
Budi: "Ayo kita berangkat ke kampus"
Tenun: "Sebentar saya belum mandi"

Now please read this sturcture text to practice read word, sentence and dialogue.

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