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Nama Saya

Hai murid-murid, let us learn Indonesian Language.

We will learn about How to Introduce other in Bahasa Indonesia. Before you learn you must know some vocabulary:

tinggal: place
di : in
dari: from
mau: want
ke: to
mana : where
Juga :to

after you memorize please read this dialogue

Dialogue Ratih and Nam

Ratih : Halo nama saya Ratih 
Nam: Halo Nama saya Nun
Ratih: Anda dari mana?
Nam: Dari Thailand, Anda?
Ratih: Dari Indonesia. Anda tinggal dimana?
Nam: Saya Tinggal  di Phitsanulok. Anda mau kemana?
Ratih: Saya mau ke Jakarta. Anda?
Nam : Saya Juga mau ke Jakarta. Senang bertemu dengan Anda.
Ratih : Saya Juga.
Nam : Sampai Jumpa

Ratih : Hello my name is Ratih
Nam: Hello My name is Nam
Ratih: Where are you come from?
Nam: come from Thailand, and you?
Ratih: come from Indonesia, Where are you live?
Nam: I live in Phitsanulok, Where are you going?
Ratih: I am going to Jakarta. and You?
Nam :I am going to Jakarta, Nice to meet you
Ratih : Nice to meet you
Nam : Bye

The dialogue above is introduce with Indonesian. Nam come from Phitsanulok .  Indonesia. They will go to Jakarta, Indonesia. This situation will be face to you in the future when you are in airport Don Mueang or Suvanaburm. So this dialogue will be usefull for you to meet Indonesian. Please memorize and practice with your friend.

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