Writing 1

Learn how to write simple sentence, fill the form, make a plan for traveling
the purpose of this lesson is focus on basic writing in Indonesian language

Lesson 1 
Learn about write a news in Indonesian language, 
Positive and negative sentence.
Grammar : Learn about sentence

Lesson 2
Learn about fill the form in Indonesian Language
Grammar: Learn about prefix me click here

 Lesson 3 
Learn about how to make a plan trip, make a schedule of trip including activity and tourist places in Thailand or Indonesia.
Grammar: Learn how to create complete sentence click here

Lesson 4 
Learn about How to make review about Tourist Place in Indonesia or Thailand use Indoesian Language
Grammar: Learn about The word "Merupakan" and "Adalah" click here

Lesson 5
Learn about Ads in Indonesian Language
Grammar: Learn about prefix me-kan click here

Preparing Mid term exam
Make sure that you already understand and learn Lesson 1-5 to do practice for Mid Term exam

Click here

Lesson 6
Learn about Indonesian Unique Transportation
Grammar: Learn about prefix me-i click here

Lesson 7
Learn about Indonesian Traditional Dance
Grammar: Learn about prefix pe click here

Lesson 8
Learn about make Plan trip to Indonesia.
Grammar: Learn about prefix me-kan click here

Lesson 9
Learn about Poetry
Grammar: Learn about prefix pe+adjective click here

Lesson 10
Learn about Write Food Menu click here
Grammar: Learn about prefix me click here

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