Greeting in Indonesian Language

Indonesian people like to greet to other people in the social life. They will start to greet people and continue with small talk. Indonesian greeting start with word " Selamat" means congratulation. then following words after Selamat is "pagi, siang , sore and malam" means " morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Indonesia has four  greeting according to time. also Indonesia has greeting informally such as : halo or hai means hello or hi. We will listen Indonesian when talk " Halo, selamat pagi" on calling.

how to say as Thai speaker

Selamat เสลามาท
Selamat pagi เสลามาท ปากี
Selamat siang เสลามาท สียาง
Selamat sore เสลามาท โสเร
Selamat malam เสลามาท มาลาม

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การทักทาย Greeting    Salam

Good Morning          Selamat Pagi       00.00-09.59 a.m

Good Afternoon        Selamat Siang     10.00 a.m -15.00 p.m

Good Evening          Selamat Sore      15.00-18.00 p.m

Good Night            Selamat Malam    18.00-23.59 p.m


Selamat pagi      Dinda
Selamat pagi      Ibu

Selamat siang     Murid-murid
Selamat siang     Dosen

Indonesian also has opening greeting such as: selamat datang welcome, Apakabar How are you, Senang berjumpa dengan Anda Nice to see you, Lama tidak bertemu  Long time no see. Common in practicing speaking in Indonesia use that words. The most common word is apakabar and will answer Baik means fine, Tidak baik means I am not fine. How to say Apa kabar as Thai speaker:

Apa kabar อะปากาบาร 
Baik บายีก
Tidak baik ทีดาก บายีก

Good bye in Indonesian language such as: Selamat Jalan Good bye,  Selamat Tinggal Good bye, Sampai Jumpa Bye; See you again, Sampai bertemu lagi See you again.

Lets practice with your friend

after learn about greeting please practice

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