Pre Lesson Indonesian

Before we start our lesson we should know basic word. If you could memories alot of words will help you to create sentences. You can expres your idea in Indonesian languages.

Know about basic Indonesian 

Basic Indonesian language for leaner is Alphabe, Number, Greeting, Part of body, expresion, pronomina, and days. Hope you start to learn.

Indonesian language has 26 alphabet
click here also can learn how to pronounce click here

Indonesian Number☝
Similar with the numbers in anothers language.
Click here

Greeting: How to greating👍
Click here

Part of body👄
Click here

This is the basic expresion and sentence ussually use in the classroom
Click here

Kata ganti/ Pronomina💘
Click here

Name of the day🙋
Click here and how to use past time Click here

After you learn you can practice 


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